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Good afternoon,

I developed a report in Designer (not in code), to extract the value chain from Process level (n) as the goal of reading the 2 levels below: subprocess (n + 1) and activity (n + 2) .
In Designer the report works perfectly and has the expected output, but in Publisher NOT. Note: Before I imported the script into Publisher, I made sure I updated the information, and then I updated the publication.


The output that the report generates in Publisher ( is not correct:

Question1: The report has a problem with the word seating, how can I prevent this?

The text that appears in the report output (for example): "Este documento só é válido na versão electrónica na Intranet. Caso esteja a lê-lo em papel, assegure-se que a versão que dispÃμe corresponde à disponÃ-vel na Intranet."

The text of the image should be as follows: "Este documento só é válido na versão electrónica na Intranet. Caso esteja a lê-lo em papel, assegure-se que a versão que dispõe corresponde à disponível na Intranet."


Question 2: In the publisher there is a connection (several times) between two objects, which does not exist in the Designer, and that is generating the big problem for this report. 

My goal was to export the process model (example: PS.03) associated with the subprocesses (SPS.03.01, SPS.03.02 ...), and after that, enter the activities level.


In the report, to select the subprocess (n + 1),I "called" the objects connected to the process by the output connection "is process oriented superioment", and did the same to the level below (n + 2).

The problem:
In the publisher, appears that PS.03 (n) is superior to itself (is wrong), and in the output of the report appear = all subprocesses (n 1) + PS.03. (n). I just wanted to see only the subprocesses related to PS.03, but JUST the subprocesses. The same happens with the activities.

If we want to represent in Designer with the error that only appears in Publisher, it would be something like this:


I have already validated all the connections that the objects have in the Designer, and the relation that appears in Publisher (n is greater than an, and n + 1 is greater than n + 1, and n + 2 is greater than n + 2), DOES NOT EXIST IN DESIGNER.

The report though well done, and working in the designer, but in Publisher does not have the expected result.

So the wrong connection only exists in Publisher, and I do not understand why?

Best regards,
Ana Rita Lopes

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