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Good afternoon,

The current installation consists of the following components:
- Designer    10.0.6
- ARCM        10.0.6
- Publisher    10.0.6

The goal is: How to "disable" an object (risk, control, or testing) of all components without eliminating it permanently? Note: I may want to use these objects later, is it possible? For this to happen correctly, the ID must be the same after the reactivate.

For this to happen what should I do?

  • Designer: In the Designer you must put "uncheck" in the attributes "synchronization with ARCM" and "relevant for evaluation". By filling in these attributes, the objects will no longer be updated in ARCM, despite their track record (risk assessment, control assessment by the tests, etc.).
    Question: It's just this?
  • ARCM: The history will always be maintained but it is possible, in version 10.0.6, to disable the objects (risks, controls, tests) without eliminating them permanently.
       1. What happens when we deactivate an object? 
       2. If we want to re-enable the object, can we synchronize from Designer, and will the object be properly updated (same ID)?
  • Publisher: Question: How can I prevent the appearance of an object in the Publsiher publishing portal?

Thank you!!!

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