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Dear ARIS Community members,

we have created a new “About ARIS Community” section for you. This section is divided into 4 main groups, so you can find the most important information very fast and get easily oriented on the Aris community page.

About ARIS Community

The first part is called “Get Started”. You get all the important information starting with your registration, updating your profile, writing posts or commenting the forum topics. The second part is about our “Know-how” area. This is the place to go to find helpful resources (such as videos and webinars) that deal with ARIS and Business Process Management. In the third section you get information about our products (like ARIS Basic) and in the fourth the attention is paid to frequently asked questions.

Hope this brief introduction to our page will help you and make you feel more comfortable with searching the information you need.


Your ARIS Community team

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