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Hi there,

we have been using synchronisation with SAP SolMan (v7.2).

We have linked the Process Step Library (PSL) objects to the SAP Functions via the wizard. The PSL's all have a SAP Executable (represented by screen object type) linked to it directly via a connection type (is represented by) in ARIS.

When we Tranfer the assignments from the branch via the icon (see screen shot), the screen objects are added into the FAD's with the SAP Functions, however, no connection is created between the SAP Function in the FAD and the screen object (see screen shot).

We are linking process roles (role object type) to SAP Function in the EPC. We have currently about 1,200 SAP process steps.

We have created a Query that evaluates from the role the linked process steps and then shows the linked screen object with attributes (if manually) a connection has been drawn between the screen object and the SAP Function.

What we are trying to get are:

- Which role is performing which process step and what is the assigned SAP Executable?

- Which SAP Executable is supporting which process steps?

What is missing: The connection between the SAP Function and the SAP Executable as passed on from the PSL.


1) How does do you go about evaluating which of the SAP Process Steps are executed by which role if there is no connection (without manually creating the connection in the FAD)? 

2) Is there a standard report that I have overlocked that can create the connection between the SAP Function and the screen object when it detects both in the same FAD? If so, can you please point me to this?

3) Why is this connection not drawn and updated when the PSL's are modified by the synchronisation? 

Looking forward to your advise. Appologies if someone else asked this question before. I couldn't find anything about that in this forum.

Thank you, 


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