Hi, we just got ARIS PS and I'm testing it. I'm also working with some configurations, before it's handed out for public use. I faced couple questions and I hope I can find solution from here.

1) Can I edit login page? For example graphics or can I set "Change password" function off. Why you might ask, well at this point we will use one common username/password combination. In future it will be integrated with our AD and SSO.

2) I'm able to add news' from source-file, which is nice, but is there are a way to turn whole news module off?

3) Same as nbr. 2, but with Search module?

4) Where one can edit attribute selection which is showed on right-side of the screen, when user clicks a object? I have a lot of information in Description attribute, but portal doesn't show it always.

Thanks for your help!


Tags: Configuration ARIS Business Publisher