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I am currently in a ARIS modeller role and am modelling EPC models for the SAP HR functional module in ARIS. My team and myself have limited experience in ARIS modelling as well as SAP. We are using Aris Business Architect 7.1, Version (SR 2009_04). We are on SAP ECC 6.0 and our SAP HR module is highly customized with numerous connections to other non-SAP in-housed developed HR applications (data coming in and going out of SAP). The SAP HR function has been rolled out for a few months. We are currently modelling the HR business process in EPC model from scratch and we want to model it such that it will be compatible for the SAP Solution Manager Synchronization if we decide to get this feature in the future. (Currently we do not use the SAP Solution Manager yet nor do we have an expert SAP Solution Manager in our team) Here are the questions I am asking and hope to get some advises. 1. I understand that for SAP EPC modelling, we cannot have process interface between events. (eg. Event-Process Interface-Event). However the current built-in Semantic check in ARIS (start semantic check/user-defined/structure rules) does not seems to be able to check on this. Refer to attached picture for the rules we have chosen for the semantic checks on SAP EPC models. So I wonder can I check that the models do not break this rule? 2. Based on the best practices recommended by ARIS, each EPC process has to start or end with an event or process interface. However, one of our project 'HR' is facing some challenges like having to embed one process in another process. How do i documented this in ARIS to better illustrate the process? Hence, instead of putting process interface at the end of a process, can we putt this interface in the mid of another process ? - Can the structured rules check readily available in ARIS able to capture non conformance errors if a scenario interface is placed in the mid of a EPC flow? - Can a EPC process modelled in a recusive loop, as in the last event is looped back to its predecessor? 3. For Transaction Screen, I understand we need to input the T-Code for the T-Code attribute field. However some of our screen doesn't have T-Code. Only URL can be provided. Is it ok to input URL in the T-Code field and can this still be synchronized to Solution Manager? 4. Base on my circumstances, Is there a easier/faster/more efficient way to model the EPC processes for SAP HR ? We are spending lot of time and effort on the SAP EPC modelling yet unsure if we are modelling them correctly or not. 5. I was searching on the internet for materials on rules for modelling SAP EPC diagrams for SAP Solution Manager Synchronisation but can’t find any. Can anyone tell me where I can find such materials? The materials I have now are some PowerPoint slides passed to us by our senior staffs who themselves are also new in this area and I am not sure if these materials are outdated or incomplete. Hope to hear some advises soon.

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