I have been using reports to export data into and then filter to output some detailed reporting requirements.  At time it is very time consuming depending on what I am trying to achive. I wish it could be done automatically

Has anyone been able to integrate or build a DASHBOARD which accomplish the following? Doesn't have to be in ARIS. 

  • Report on how many processes are in draft vs published
  • How many applications /objects and thier relationship to processes
  • All Attributes pertaining to Models including filtering by process type
  • Bascially all dimentions into one dashbbord 


Has anyone been able to achive this reporting without constantly exporting reports. Is there a integration tool with another softare. 

WHat is the best way I can go about it?

-Thanks in Advance! 

Tags: ARIS Advanced ARIS Architect ARIS Connect ARISHacks Reports