Hi Community,

I'm just starting with the exercises of the "ARIS Education Package for Students
Single-user local installation" as a test.
My problem is, that I can't restore the Architect_1, Architect_3 and the United Motogroup databases. When trying I receive the error message "ARIS import database restore error. Invalid adb-file or wrong password: unsupported index row type SPLIT_FIRI". Weirdly enough the Architect_2 database is restored without a problem.

Did anybody have the same problems? Or do you know a solution? 
Thanks in advance, Alex 


This is how I installed the programs:

I received the faculty license and downloaded the zip of the installation DVD, installed the ARIS Architect/Designer 10.0, the UML Designer and the Administration tools (the information in the email instructed me to install the Architect/Designer and the UML Designer, the ARIS Installatio guide v3.0 instructed me to install the ARIS Architect/Designer and Administration Tools - so I decided to install all and ticked the ccheckboxes in the installation wizard). I chose the local server/database radio button, loaded the license zip and started the installation. The installation process took about 20 min and at 80% of the loading bar the message only showed "stopping system" for a while. After the installation was successful I rebooted the PC and then started ARIS Architect Designer. I started the local server with the default user and the UI opened. I switched to the Administrator tab, right-clicked on local, restore database and chose the unzipped Architect_1.adb file. I then ran into the error above. In the restoring dialogue the "Information" field was empty, while for the successfully restored Architect_2.adb the field contained the following information: "The file contains versioning information. It contains 1 change lists".

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