Hello, guys!

I did synchronization of Aris 7.2 with Solman 7.1 some years ago. At the time I used SAP shortcuts symbol for steps that had more than one occurences. And it all working great during synchronization process.

Now I am trying to do the same thing for Aris 9.8 and Solman 7.2 that is using Soldoc, and it seems that SAP shortcut symbols for steps are no longer working as I keep getting error that a step with the same SAP ID can not be synchronized. Can anyone confirm that shortcut symbols no longer woth in these versions of Aris and Solman?


As of right now, the only way around this problem that I see is to make seperate object definition for every occurance of a step. But this solution is very unconvinient from the Aris architecture side. Does anyone have any other solution for this problem?

Tags: ARIS for SAP