I'm a full novice at ARIS, so I wonder if I can use it to perform the following tasks:

  1. Create a diagram describing flows of fin. messages inside a bank, between backend systems, gateways, messaging hubs etc, via different transport (MQ, Kafka, TCP sockets, file exchange etc)
  2. Create custom attributes for shapes and connectors, so that I can specify server names/IPs, backend systems' details, queue details, file directories' details, types and formats of messages being transferred etc etc etc
  3. Create shapes describing routing, filtering, transformation and validation of messages
  4. Mark all shapes and connectors with "tags", and be able to select tags so that only shapes/connectors marked with these selected tags are currently visible (e.g. by means of "layers")
  5. Associate misc. resources with shapes/connectors/tags (file paths, http URLs etc)
  6. Be able to store the diagram in a source control system
  7. Be able to create a custom plugin to generate documentation (with the desired content structure and formatting) from the diagram

Is it possible with ARIS?