My name is Ben Hardin and I am totally new to the ARIS API.  I am creating an excel document and I need to make the headers bold.  I am proving a snippet of code.  But near the  g_attrListToPrint object.  I have it set up in the form of an array. When I print out the excel sheet I will need all the headers bold.  Can some give me some insight on how to do that.  Initially I tried to do this below by adding the FMT_BOLD.  But after executing the program I found out for that to be wrong.

Constants.AT_NAME. FMT_BOLD,    (This is wrong)                                                             
Constants.AT_DESC. FMT_BOLD,     (This is wrong) 
Constants.AT_REM. FMT_BOLD,       (This is wrong) 

var xlsBook;
var xlsFontHeader;
var xlsHeader;
var xlsFontStandard;
var xlsStandard;

var g_objTypeToFind = Constants.OT_APPL_SYS_TYPE;
var g_cxnTypeToFind = Constants.CT_BELONGS_TO_CLS;
var g_cxnDirectionToFind = Constants.EDGES_IN;

var g_attrListToPrint =  [  Constants.AT_NAME,