I want to change the owner of a (EPC) function. That particular "is technically responsible for" relationship has only been used in the active diagram, and I want to completely remove it from my repository... so it has no chance of getting brought back up in a later modelling work by mistake (e.g. via object > relationship > display in model) BUT

  1. Deleting via "del" keystroke does remove the occurence from the active diagram, but not from the model nor the function object relationship (per function > details > relationship: see deleted-from-diagram-but-not-model)
  2. Delete option is not available from the details panel (see delete-option-not-available)
  3. Dragging the source connector of the existing owner relationship away from old object and to the new object creates a new (definition copy ?) relationship, instead of altering the existing one. (see duplicate-from-moving-source)

How can I (easily) make a relationship (and any object, for that interests me too) completely disappear from my repository in ARIS cloud ?  If it doesn't exist yet, binding CTRL+DEL would be an intuitive option.

I did not find any such info in the community online videos or documentation, but please kindly point me to an accurate online user manual if it's already explained elsewhere.

Thanks for your pointers,


PS: as a sidenote I find behaviour 3 here above a bit borderline... understandable from a technical perspective but quite misleading if the said relationship is not displayed in any other model. And even then: ARIS should rather display a warning/choice, instead of creating rubbish in the models.

Tags: ARIS Advanced ARIS Cloud