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I installed Sapjco3 for my ARIS Business Server (ARIS 7.2 SR2). I used the method where we add {sapjco3-install-path} to the PATH environment variable. And {sapjco3-install-path}\sapjco3.jar to your CLASSPATH environment variable. The {sapjco3-install-path} is just a folder under c:. As this was not working, I then copied SapJco3.jar to c:\program files\ARIS7.2\server\lib\. Then installed SAPGUI and Business Architect on the ARIS Server.

The Synchronization with SolMan is now possible from the ARIS Business Architect on the Server. But when trying to synchronize with SolMan from the ARIS Business Architect on a client computer I’m not able to logon. Either I’m getting empty error popup or an error with the text “Logon to the SAP system failed Null”. I’m using the same SAPLOGON.INI settings and the same user on server/client.

I thought the SapJco3.jar only had to be installed on the Server, so what am I doing wrong for the clients ?. Do I need to do anything on the client ?

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