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Today: Old Organization + New Technology = Expensive Old Organization As we all know, in the late 20th century, more and more Managing Directors were following Michael Hammer´s advice to rigorously change their companies´ processes in reducing non-value adding work to zero, instead of using IT to automate it.. <!--more-->

Business process reengineering (BPR) projects were spreading around the world like fire (well, in some regions only like campfires here and there, but in others like conflagrations). The overwhelming success of BPR projects have helped large companies succeed after financial drawbacks due to competition.That´s the good part of the story! - The “bad” part is that the world is still turning around…


Meaning: Even if reengineering has brought up First Class processes which help the company to be above the competition today, the world is still changing, due to new laws, changed customer requirements, IT trends and market changes. A good process today might be a bad process tomorrow. Thus, continuous process improvement is a precondition to stay in the leading position!

The purely project-based approach of BPR has been replaced by continuous process management. BPM is not just another project, but, as Gartner confirms, a discipline: “BPM is a management discipline that provides governance in a business process environment with the goal of improving agility and operational performance.” (Source: Gartner Research “Business Process Management as a Discipline” by Michael James Melenovsky, 08/2006) The key question is – How to realize “BPM as a Discipline”? To be continued….

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