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The Dependency and Controlling Model shows how a certain ITIL process interacts with other ITIL processes by displaying which data/information is exchanged between the processes. For example, on the one hand, the Problem Management Process needs the Incident Records and Problem Descriptions as input from the Incident Management Process in order to detect and solve potential problems. On the other hand, Problem Management needs to provide the Incident Management Process with Workaround descriptions, so that Incidents can be resolved quickly by the First-Level Support.
Furthermore this model type depicts potential Key Performance Indicators for measuring the efficiency and effectiveness an ITIL process. The KPI “Number of problems exceeding their target resolution time”, for instance, is an indicator for the effectiveness of the Problem Management Process. Just as with incidents, problems are given target solution times based on SLA and urgency of the associated incidents. This measure shows how effective Problem Management is at meeting this objective.

preview of Problem Management (Dependency and Controlling) (ARIS BPM Blog)
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