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This model displays the contents of a problem record which is created during the activity “Problem logging” and then maintained throughout the lifecycle of a problem until the problem has been solved and the problem record can be closed. This model is also quite useful when it comes to evaluating different Problem Management tools as it depicts which basic data fields/information such a tool must be able to handle.
Description of the problem Record:
Regardless of the detection method of a problem, all the relevant details of the problem must be recorded so that a full historic record exists. This must be date and time stamped to allow suitable control and escalation. A cross-reference must be made to the incident(s) which initiated the Problem Record – and all relevant details must be copied from the Incident Record(s) to the Problem Record.

It is difficult to be exact, as cases may vary, but typically this will include details such as:
• User details
• Service details
• Equipment details
• Date/time initially logged
• Priority and categorization details
• Incident description
• Details of all diagnostic or attempted recovery actions taken, …

preview of Problem (Record)/ Technical Term Model  (ARIS BPM Blog)
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