We are trying to access ARIS via the web client from outside of our domain.  The following works:

  • Accessing the ARIS Web Client web page
  • Select the ARIS tool from the web page
  • Select the database
  • Downloading the ARIS application

However, at this point it struggles to connect to the database.

  • I get a "Unable to find a server with this name.  Check the 'hosts" file on your computer or your domain name server." message when trying to connect to the computer's name.
  • I get a "Unknown connection error.  Error code:6" when trying to connect to the computer's IP address. (the IP can be pinged from client side)

I've also tried:

  • opened port 16070, 16071 and 16073 to see if this makes a difference, but get the same error.  
  • Doing the Host Name- IP Address mapping in the hosts file.  This results in the "Unknown connection error.  Error code:6" error message.
  • Trying to access this via the installed client - same errors as above.

Does anybody have any other ideas?




Tags: Configuration