I am often still confused about what a Business Capability is and what a Business Process. Here my questions:

(1) Is it correct that the lowest level of Business Capabilities is also a Process Step? If yes, how would you call this capability? Something with "XY Management" (than it would not be a Business Process) or Activity on an Object (e.g. "Create Account") (than it would not be a capability)?

(2) Maybe I was wrong. Capabilities / Domains group Business Processes and / or IT. But higher level Business Processes also group lower level Business Processes? Sometimes I have the impression that authors mix higher level Business Processes with Capabilities.

(3) For my opinion Activity on an Object (e.g. "Create Account") is a process or a process step. But is it not also a capability to "Create Account" or to "Torque up a Bolt"?

(4) Is a capability more vertical and a business process horizontal, using process steps of different domains?

(5) Could somebody propose a really good book about BCM?

Many thanks in advance, Ludwig