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Students and Faculty Members – We’re offering you a chance to take part in the ARIS training seminar in Cologne, which normally costs 1,080- EUR, completely free of charge!

Software AG is hosting the course “Business Process Modeling with ARIS” and there are currently two seats available. As a student or faculty member of the ARIS-Community, you get the chance to attend this course completely free. The market value amounts to 1,080 EUR.

Do not waste any more time! Register now!


Check the boxes “Germany” and “ARIS” and submit the selection. Scroll down and click on the first course listed “Business Process Modeling with ARIS (ABD)” and select the date “Mon 3/25/13 – Cologne (Germany)”.
A form will pop up, asking you to fill in various details (make sure to use your university e-mail address in the field “E-mail”). Amongst others, there is a box titled “additional comment”, in which you need to write “student member of the ARIS Community” or “faculty member of the ARIS Community” in order to attend the course free of charge.

Please note that you have until Tuesday 3/19/13 to register, in order to attend the course.

For any other information or questions please contact University@SoftwareAG.com.


Yours Sincerely,

University Relations Team

From Students for Students