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Dear SAG,

We met the issue with leaving comments and the following feed function, see screenshots.

I'm coming here to a forum like at work, every week. Because every week you just making a problem. And I spend my time for what I don't want to spend at all.

This is an enterprise-level application. Correct? And we pay for it. And it does not work.

Today it caused the very critical issue - today our SME instead of working with models saw error messages. That is not a joke, dear colleagues - there is a real project, real experts and real paid time.

So there are questions:

1. When it will be fixed,

2. How are you going to compensate for the unavailability of the application. It is very simple - we paid, and it does not work. So at least it should be an extension of the subscription for the client for all days when the application does not work.