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There is a nice script in Pro version for export/import attributes. We use it for different purposes, e.g. to translate something, for spellcheck, to replace something (e.g. company name, term), etc. Nice scripts.

I was surprised when I don't find them in ARIS Cloud Advanced. Furthermore, you cannot import its from the Pro version to the Cloud version. The script itself is very simple, there is nothing complex - 1 student grade level... so why it is not in Cloud is impossible to understand.
Nevertheless, how to fix it - very simple. We create an empty script in ARIS Advanced. 

Copy-paste text of all the script from the source (script opened in Pro)  to the target (script opened in Cloud).

Now the best part. They have something like String table (look at the picture) and if you would compare them you'll see that in the Cloud it is empty, so since this moment you have to repeat it manually (copy-paste-copy-paste-copy-paste-copy-paste X43 times) one by obe as in Pro version - then it would be work in the Cloud.  

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