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We currently synchronize ARIS for SAP and SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) and are trying to troubleshoot some performance issues. ARIS is our source of record for structure and SolMan is our source of record for Roles, Documents and Transactions.

After I run the sync, I have noticed that I now have hundreds of background jobs created in Solution Manager called "SOLAR_SUBSTRUCT_DELETE". I have never executed them because I don't know what they do and I haven't found anything in the ARIS documentation that references them. I'm wondering if I run these queued background jobs, that it might clean up some things behind the scenes and alleviate our performance issues.

We are running ARIS7.1 SR5 on Windows Server 2003 and SAP Solution Manager version 7 on AIX.

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated!


Brian Toops
Cargill, Inc.
ARIS System Analyst

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