Hi everyone, today I am going to explain why ARIS is a basic tool for transformation based on the particularities of my country (Mexico).


As you may know, ARIS is made for companies with different locations, for example Mexico is a very big country, thousands of kilometers have to be covered from one branch office to another. In this scenario ARIS helps companies to maintain a unique source of truth and to correctly visualize all of the different components.


I have seen companies in Mexico with different processes from one branch to another in the same region, so ARIS is key to keep the good practices.


Another example is that most of the companies in Mexico are inherited from father to son, this causes many times in the company to get lost in the new challenges and most of them break just after a couple of months. So in this scenario ARIS can help to maintain what is more important to the company The Process and also to build value for the next generations.


Let us remember that companies are a gathering of processes, so the key processes determine the success of the companies


So what is the particularity in your country?

Thank you.

Carlos V.



Tags: ARIS for sustainability BPMN