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There are many young talents out there with promising careers ahead of them and it’s important to invest in them.

As most people know, ARIS celebrates its 30th birthday this year. So when our team started to think about how we wanted to celebrate that, it quickly became clear that a birthday party alone was not enough for us. That's why we thought of many small activities and specials that we published throughout the year 2022.

A special highlight that will accompany us into the coming year is our ARIS for Sustainability student fund in cooperation with the StudienStiftungSaar. Together, we decided at the beginning of the year that we wanted to support young talents so that they can concentrate fully on their studies and their ideas for a sustainable future instead of having to worry about money.

In an exciting selection process, we had the opportunity to get to know the applicants and subsequently selected two scholarship holders who stood out for us because of their achievements and special commitment to society and the environment. These two scholarship holders will now not only receive financial support from us for the next two semesters, but we will also be in contact with them and provide them with advice and support. 

The first meeting with the recipient of the Saarland scholarship also took place in this spirit. At the beginning of December, we had the pleasure of welcoming her and representatives of the StudienStiftung to the Software AG office in Saarbrücken. After an exciting round of introductions, ideas were exchanged and many stimulating conversations were held over drinks and biscuits.

She is studying computer science at Saarland university, founded her own start up and has just moved to Germany for her studies. 

"As an international student, it is especially difficult to start a life in another country, to adapt to a new culture and new rules, and to study at the same time. The scholarship has taken that burden off my shoulders."  

We would like to take this opportunity to also thank the StudienStiftungSaar for their support and for the certificate they honored us with.



We were also able to meet the recipient of the Germany Scholarship in person at the award ceremony at Saarland University and exchange ideas with him and many other young talents. He is studying Business Informatics. 



We are proud to support these two students on their way into the future and look forward to what they will achieve and how they will develop in the coming years.


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