In ARIS Simulator, I understand that Process Instances are created with through Process Instantiation Plans or Frequency in the Start Event. How can I get ARIS to start a process instance when the previous process instance is completed?


However, I'm hoping to do the following (which is almost like a relay)

1. Start first process instance at 8.30am

2. When and only when the first process instance has completed, start the second process instance

3. When and only when the second process instance has completed, start the third process  instance

4. etc, etc

5. Repeat for the next day


What I've currently got configured is Process Instantiation Plan that starts at 8.30am, specify the for as 0000:00:00:00 to recur daily at interval 1. The consequence is within my statistics, all my instance start time is 8.30am, meaning all throughput times start counting at 8.30am and the dynamic wait times are incremented after each process instance.

The question is, how do I start process instances in a relay manner? As oppose to all starting at 8.30am or according to a specific schedule?


Thanks in advance.