I really appreciate the improvement introduced in ProcessLive, I was waiting for them since I subscribed the service.
But in all of them there is a trick that I'm not able to use. This is the assignment of a Value added chain object to an existing diagram. In the previus version I could write the initial letter/number of the existing diagram and the system proposed me the name of the existing matching ones or at least, I had many of them listed in the second combobox selection. Now it does not. Simply show a very little group of them. Furthermore seems that it show only diagrams related to the first presented diagram in list "Application collaboration diagram". Changing the selection in the first combobox to "Value added chain diagram" have no effect to the proposed existing diagram
Have a look to the attached image. All the diagrams proposed in the second combobox are related to "Application collaboration diagram" and not "Value added chain diagram"
Tnx for your attention


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