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Bridging BPM and SOA is a hot topic these days. But really good examples from organizations that have succeeded in getting business and IT efficiently aligned are still rare.

One successful BPM/SOA initiative has just recently been evaluated by David Norton from Gartner. His report "Case Study: Intrum Justitia's Model-Driven BPM and SOA Modernization" is about a highly effective process-to-application effort at Intrum Justitia, Europe's #1 player in Credit Management Services.

And what's unique about the project: Intrum appears to be the first company to use ARIS EPC models in combination with executable UML to build a complex cash flow management system - using models only, and no classic code based programming. Sounds quite innovative, no?

For all organizations who look to ARIS as a platform to drive process-oriented SOA development, this case is a "must read"! So check it out while access to the Gartner case study is still free of charge ...

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