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I just read the interesting article of my colleague Sebastian about the OMG and their BPM certification program. I know of another not so "official" way to become a BPM Expert. Do you know how, too? <!--more-->

"Communities" or "User Clubs" are the buzzwords. Especially with the possibilities of the Web 2.0 technology, the BPM community is more and more growing. People join BPM related communities to exchange their experiences and to share their knowledge with people around the world. So, it would be interesting to have a look at the existing ARIS communities. You can find several around the world, some of them with a very lasting history. By the way: they are listed in the left navigation panel of our ARIS Blog, too. For all of them it is essential that the people who are standing behind were faced to implement a closed BPM loop in their companies and: they want to use ARIS for this challenge.

I just want to take the chance and give you a little more insight in their life: One remarkable example for an ARIS-addicted community is the French Club Utilisateurs ARIS,

French Club Utilisateurs ARIS

The club looks back on a long history: Founded in 2002, it is now grown to almost one hundred members from fifty entities. How it began? At the origin, a steering committee established the club's concept and made the first decisions. One important thing besides naming, building the web pages and defining community rules was choosing the club's logo. In the end, it came to the decision that the ARIS House reflecting the methodology for describing business processes, would be the ideal recognition sign.

Nowadays, the club stands as a meeting point for exchanging information and experience between French speaking ARIS users and collecting potential improvements concerning ARIS products and solutions. For IDS Scheer, it is a place for eliciting the requirements of our customers. And it works very well, not least due to the powerful and highly motivated board members such as Pierre Girault, President Quality Security Environment and Sustainable Development at Air France Industries, the club's chairman. He is a very passionate person - also when it comes to talk about BPM and ARIS. There are 3 dynamic work groups (Ateliers) that come together every 2 months, "Welcome to new members" events were organized on a regular basis as well as thematic seminars. The most important event is the Annual Conference of the Club placed in general at the end of March (with Prof. Scheer as keynote speaker in 2009).

The following pictures give an impression of the last annual conference: Pierre Girault introducing the 7th annual conference at the splendid location African "Musée Dapper", Paris and the panel discussion.

the last annual conference with Pierre Girault

impression of the last annual conference

If you are interested to join the Club, please have a look at or write directly to