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Hello Community !!

I'm looking for code that could extract the list of values (and perhaps associated symbol) defined to fill a attribute, as defined in the method.

And to go further, a way to set this available values

The use case is : 

1. I define a attribute call "Country" 

2. I set list of values for "Country" ==> "England", "France", "Italy",.....

3. So now, when I create an object, I can fill "Country" with predefined values.

What I would like, is provied a report that extract this list in order to check if nothing is missing in the list of available countries.
And to go further, is to populate this list of country from external sources to automate this.
And further more, associate the values to a symbol (the flag of the country)

Thank you in advance for your interest and anwers


Tags: ARIS 10 ARIS Report