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Every contest needs some basic rules to make up for a fair competition. The rules for the "ARIS in 10 years" contest within ARIS Community are as follows:

  1. Submit your idea for ARIS in 10 vears till the 9th of December 2016 at 16:00 am CET by uploading it to the "BPM is fun" group within ARIS Community.
    The following points are important to consider:

    • Write a post describing your idea.
    • Add a visual demo (e.g. mock-up, video or graphics) of your idea so that people will understand your vision.
    • Tag your post with “Manage Your Future”.
    • Monitor the comments of your post, because we or others might ask questions about your contest entry.
  2. Each submitted idea will be added to a list. To determine the winners, we will provide an online polling via ARIS Community. Every ARIS Community member will be allowed to vote for the best idea. The online voting will start on 10th of December 2016 and end on 14th of December 2016 at 12:00 am CET.
  3. After the online voting, Software AG will select the most innovative idea out of the top five and reward it with a Sonos® PLAY:3 wireless speaker. The other four ideas will receive consolation gifts.
    The following points are important:

    • Participants can increase their chance to win by submitting several ideas.
    • You are allowed to submit as many ideas as you want. However, every idea must be significantly different. So don't submit the same or slightly altered idea again.
    • Each participant can only win once.
  4. Every ARIS Community member is allowed to participate, including employees of Software AG (link is external). Software AG might ban certain ARIS Community members from the contest to ensure fair competition.
  5. Submitted ideas will be removed by ARIS Community staff without further notice if they violate the contest rules or ARIS Community Guidelines. You will be informed by email about the reasons if your post was removed.
  6. The winners will be announced on 16th of December 2016 via ARIS Community and contacted by email. If contacting fails or shipment of the price to the winner is not possible (e.g. export restrictions), a new winner will be determined.
  7. There is no right to appeal.
  8. By submitting an idea, the ARIS Community member agrees that Software AG is free to use (but not obligated to use) any input the participant provides, including without limitation, any ideas, concepts, comments, suggestions, or other feedback, for any purpose and without any restriction, license, royalty or other obligation to the participant.
  9. Keep in mind the following points:
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