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Have you ever heard of the six “C’s” for the transition of raw data to substantial dashboards? Not yet? Then let me tell you more about it: For the creation of dashboards in ARIS Aware, no programming skills are needed. Follow our “6-C’s- approach” step-by-step and you will start from ugly data analytics and finally end up with beautiful business insights.

Here is how it goes:

  1. Collect

    • Visual analysis begins data from a multitude of different data sources. The basis is that the selected data is accurate and up-to-date.
    • Take all business-relevant data into account, from all disparate sources.
    • Start with identifying and acquiring the needed data sources and provide access to the data.
  2. Connect
    • Enhance and aggregate the disparate data.
    • Connect the selected sources and mash up the relevant data in one feed.
  3. Compose
    • Build your dashboard by composing and arranging the numerous data visualization components.
    • Our dashboard builder provides many widgets, which you can easily add according to your preferences. Choose the best visualization for your data and customize your dashboard.
    • Assign data feeds and filters.
  4. Combine
    • Assign dashboards to ARIS content stored in the ARIS repository.
    • Define positions and access privileges.
  5. Consume
    • Present your dashboards to different stakeholders such as management, process owners, project managers and operational employees. With ARIS Aware, even non-technical users are able to access information via interactive and intuitive dashboards that are easy to understand.
    • Uncover insights using elaborate dashboards.
  6. Celebrate!
    • Celebrate that you create value for the company and pave the way to transform your business into the best organization that it can be.

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