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The next live session of our ARIS 10 webinar series is coming: On March 27, at 2:00 pm you will hear Why Now is the Time - Moving From ARIS Publisher to ARIS Connect in 2018. In this session, Dr. Dominik Vanderhaeghen from ARIS Product Management at Software AG will give you an overview of the cutting-edge technology that ARIS Connect offers for embedded publishing, collaboration, design and governance. 

You'll see why having the right viewing environment is critical to a company’s success with process transformation and management. Learn how the adoption of your content by people in your organization will determine the success of your transformation. While ARIS Publisher was good in the past to publish ARIS models, today’s digital enterprise needs a way for everyone to contribute to process improvement.

The session lasts about 30 minutes, followed by a Q&A session. You can register for free for this or several webinars of the program. If you are interested but you cannot make it at that time, don't stress: Each registrant will receive the recording of the webinar afterwards.


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