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The next live session of our ARIS 10 webinar series is coming: Excellence at Work With Your Enterprise Digital Twin.

On April 26, at 2:00 pm you will learn how industry leaders reach excellence. Business transformation brings complex challenges and critical interdependencies that must be tightly managed to ensure your success. ARIS helps you create a well-defined transformational roadmap that’s tested and approved by your digital twin.

Get insights from Dr. Helge Hess, Head of ARIS Product Marketing and Management at Software AG, who will show you how the newest ARIS release (ARIS 10 SR 4) supports you to build up your Enterprise Digital Twin. Understand, analyze and improve your business operating model and become exceptional in everything you do.

The session lasts about 30 minutes, followed by a Q&A session. You can register for free for this or several webinars of the program. If you are interested but you cannot make it at that time, don't stress: Each registrant will receive the recording of the webinar afterwards.