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The time for “Alexa, ask ARIS!” is now: Get information from ARIS hands-free, just with the sound of your voice! We are happy to announce that our ARIS for Alexa® Demo is now officially available on the Amazon Alexa Skills Store!

Get this skill now to see how easy it is to get information in ARIS using Amazon® Alexa®. Our comprehensive demo lets you ask Alexa about processes and information stored in the ARIS repository. You also can ask for an overview of change requests and see the respective dashboard in ARIS at the same time. All answers are based on demo data.

To get started, simply activate the “ARIS for Alexa® Demo” skill in the Alexa Skills store. There are only three easy steps from here, you will be guided on the next steps how to connect the demo to your Alexa device to get the audio output and your personal link to the visual results of your request.

Activate the skill, start asking questions “Alexa, ask ARIS“ and enjoy! We are looking forward to get your feedback.


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