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This year, CEBIT came up with a completely new concept. They claimed to be Europe's Business Festival for Innovation and Digitization - and to be honest, I was enthusiastic but skeptical if such a “traditional” fair can transform into a young and fresh tradeshow and networking event, embedded in a festival atmosphere.

But if this all-new CEBIT concept wants to turn Hannover into the world’s hotspot for digitization, Software AG wouldn’t want to miss the chance of being part of it! And what should I say... no regrets, the new CEBIT enjoyed a successful premiere and there was a lot going on at our booth: besides our experts explaining the Software AG technology, there were the traditional CEBIT guided tours, visits by politicians, IoT workshops, presentations and last but not least the University Relations team promoting job openings at our desert vehicle on the festival ground…

One highlight was the launch of the ARIS for Amazon Alexa® Demo, and an eye-catcher at our booth was the ARIS showcase: Based on a smart inbound logistics scenario, it explains descriptively what an Enterprise Digital Twin is and how you can connect it to the real world. This scenario demonstrates the digitization of business processes and how to get full transparency across the enterprise – easy to understand, even for people without BPM background and process knowledge. Check out the video of our ARIS Showcase with Lego!


At the end, CEBIT 2018 was an inspiring event, innovative, refreshing and every single minute was just fun! You’ll find more interviews and impressions by our CEBIT live reporters on University Relations’ YouTube Channel.