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Contest rules for our 10th anniversary contest


As always, our contest comes with some basic rules to make up for a fair competition. The rules for the 10th anniversary contest within ARIS Community are as follows:

  • To enter the contest, answer the question:
    How many floppy disks did it take to install the first version of ARIS back in 1992?
  • Submit your entry by sending a comment to the original post: ”Happy Birthday, ARIS Community – WE celebrate & YOU get the birthday presents” in the BPM Blog
  • Deadline for submissions is October 25th, 2019 at 12:00 am CET 
  1. Please note that you are not allowed to submit more than one answer.
  2. Every ARIS Community member is allowed to participate, including employees and partners of Software AG. Software AG might ban certain ARIS Community members from the contest to ensure fair competition.
  3. Submitted ideas will be removed by ARIS Community staff without further notice if they violate the contest rules or ARIS Community Guidelines. You will be informed by email about the reasons if your post was removed.
  4. Once the contest is closed, a panel of independent judges will determine the winners. The answers that are closest to the right number of floppy disks will win.
  5. The winners will be announced beginning of November 2019 via ARIS Community and contacted by email. If contacting fails or shipment of the price to the winner is not possible (e.g. export restrictions), a new winner will be determined. 
  6. There is no right to appeal. 
  7. By submitting an answer, the ARIS Community member agrees that Software AG is free to use (but not obligated to use) any input the participant provides for any purpose and without any restriction, license, royalty or other obligation to the participant. 
  8. Keep in mind the following points: