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It’s my honor to announce that, earlier today, we officially launched ARIS Elements, our new starter edition for professional business process management.

If you want to get rid of redundant work and start your process journey right now, ARIS Elements is for you. It provides all essential features for business process design, sharing and optimization and allows you to produce fast results and share them with your stakeholders.


What makes the difference? In ARIS Elements, it’s all about SIMPLICITY! It is made for BPM beginners and is easy to use, needs zero configuration and leaves zero IT footprint. At the same time, everything you need is on board while it also offers all room to grow if you feel the need to do more.

Do you want to see how to speed up your business, increase efficiency and become a quality-focused company? Watch the webinar recording!

…or do you want to learn more about how to take the first steps of your process journey? Check out the video tutorials in our know how area!

…or you are already convinced that ARIS Elements is the perfect fit for your company and want to jumpstart your process management project? Start your free trial now!

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