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In challenging times like these, it’s a matter of life and death for almost every organization in the world, no matter where you are and what you do. Companies need a clear picture of their current business to keep all the potential and unpredictable risks in check. 

We offer two webinars to highlight where ARIS can help you with the most current topics. You’ll see how process management with ARIS can help you manage “business as unusual” and overcome challenges you’ve never faced before.

No matter if you are already an ARIS user or just starting your business process initiatives – you’ll see in our webinar how ARIS supports you in the crisis with best-practice procedures, report-based analysis, easy modelling and communication tools.

  • Business as unusual – how to lead your company through a crisis
    On April 28th you will hear how to analyze your most difficult situations based on best practices and experience. Based on our 10 business continuity tips for business leaders, we will show you how to prioritize the impact of crisis, prepare for cost cutting initiatives, manage uncertainty and roll out and adapt a new way of working procedures, define how to come back to normal and establish a future-proof organization.
  • Business as unusual - keep your business on track with ARIS A4
    On May 12th, you’ll hear from our experts why it is key to adapt business processes to support the unknown. To make the difference in today's challenging world,  companies have to follow the 4 A’s: analyze processes, act on them, adapt them and achieve resilience. See how our ARIS A4 solution can help you with best practice content keep your business on track and prepare your organization for the future.

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