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We continuously improve the ease of use in ARIS and it’s no surprise that customer experience is also key for ARIS 10 SR14. We focus on the onboarding of new users that are just getting started with ARIS Elements and Advancedand and created onboarding journeys that help them find their way through the product. The goal is simple: Take a walk on the happy paths to make the most of ARIS!

Depending on the user type and the corresponding usage scenarios, we provide helpful guidance with our interactive tour through the tool, accompanied with explainer videos or other useful assets. For example:

  • Viewers that log in for the first time are being told what ARIS is all about, how it can help them in their daily business and where to find relevant information that is tailored to their individual needs – all set up in a language that is easy to understand and without overloading them with too much content. 
  • Designers, however, don't start from scratch, they are rather being guided through the creation process of their first model, from choosing the right notation up to the publication of the process model. 

I myself am a big fan of the in-tool onboarding and can see the value it adds to all new users of ARIS! Our experience has shown that this does not only lower the entry hurdle for newbies but also increases the overall acceptance as users feel more comfortable with the tool and are more motivated to use it in their daily work. And that’s what it is all about: happy ARIS users that are enabled to achieve their individual goals and do their job the best they can!  Check 😊

You can learn more details about the new features in the ARIS 10 SR 14 Overview Delta Training that is accessible for ARIS users via the Software AG learning portal. Or even better, try it out by yourself and sign up for your free trial on!