I have an issue with opening some of my ARIS files. I have created a normal mind map, worked on it, saved it and closed it. When I want to continue working on it the next day, I am unable to open the file. I've tried double clicking the file & right click open with admin rights etc. I am always directed to the welcome page of ARIS and it seems to be loading for a few seconds but then just stops and the file itself doesn't open. There is no error message. 

The file is not bigger than other files that I have worked on and I really don't understand why it would not open. I have tried to open the files on my laptop as well as computer whereas sometimes if I can't open the file on my laptop, it does in fact open on my computer and vice versa. But right now I can't open the file at all. 

I am using windows 10. ARIS Express 2.4d, Version: 2.4d -, Java Runtime Environment: 1.8.0_131

Any ideas what could be wrong with the file or how to resolve this problem. Help is very much appreciated. 

Kind regards, 


PS: This problem only occurs for certain files, however I can not see any difference between the files that I can open and the ones that I can't. 

I can not upload the broken file because the content is confidential.