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In the last decade new technologies and market needs fostered globally distributed teams and processes. We see an increasing number and impact of distributed teams in our own ARIS development as well as at our customer’s site. These changes speed up and are supported by new technologies like Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 or the well known Social Networks that are used to for business contacts.

From a BPM point of view this phenomenon leads to distributed processes and distributed process responsibilities. Therefore communication between people at different places gains more and more importance. Especially in process management processes like Release Cycle Management (RCM) or Change Management (CM) the requester for a new release or a process change and the process owner can be located at different places, but need to discuss process changes and their impact.

Exactly these discussions about processes are the focus of ARIS Collaboration, which is available with ARIS 7.2. Collaboration allows you to share your ARIS Screen and the models you see within it at real time. For example in a change management process the process owner can share the process changes that he did with the requestor of the change and discuss it. During a collaborative session video, voice and text chat is offered. You can create votings or mark something in a model like painting on a whiteboard. Furthermore the moderator, who incited the other participants to the Collaboration session, can give the control to a participant what allows him to use the whole functionality of the moderator’s ARIS.

Compared to other application sharing tools ARIS Collaboration helps you to find the right collaboration partners by

  1. Inviting participants based on model attributes (i.e. the creator of a model or the user that did the last change to a model, see the screenshot)
  2. Inviting participants from organizational models just in one click via the context menu
  3. Inviting other ARIS database users


The benefit of ARIS Collaboration is saving time and cost for distributed teams and making communication more efficient. I hope you like our new feature and can benefit from it.

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