I have a lot of experience with the ARIS BPM platforms, building business architects and business models for many years. I found the ARIS express today and was amazed at the simplicity of the product. I was so amazed that I have asked other peers to download it and begin using it immediately. I have already showed them how to build organization charts easily and basic models with ARIS Express, which has lit a fire for more process models.

ARIS is the tool of choice for our company's headquarters in Spain. It is being rolled out to the US and other markets - slowly, which brings up my topic for discussion:

The Company is in the process of building a Business Process Architecture, but it is being developed in Spain and we have no control over any content on the first five levels. We are struggling with a combination 'top down' / 'bottom up' approach, and cannot seem to find a solution for connecting corporate processes with the more detailed lower level location process models. I have been through this before at another company and it took years to come to a "semi-permanent" solution - and by that time they were sold to another company.

I would like to see what solutions you might have for this dual modeling approach and any comments or suggestions  as to how to handle the building the architecture so that Level 5 is close enough to the location models that links are possible.

Thank you for your input,