I am using ARIS Architect and I have modeled a process flow in ARIS (using EPC at the moment). Depending on various scenarios, not all steps will always be required. Whilst I could put 'OR' rules all over the model, that will look very messy.

The solution I have implemented therefore is to link each of the objects in the model to a 'scenario' object. This can then be displayed in a matrix showing a clear summary of when each step is required.

What I would like to do now however is filter the EPC diagram based on which elements are linked to which scenario. I am aware of the 'navigation Mode', however this only seems to work for connectors visible on a diagram and is only able to hide objects rather than 'grey' them. What I want is to be able to select one object and then all objects not connected to it are 'greyed out'. I do not want the connections visible on the diagram as that would make for a mess, I just want to use the existence of these connections as a filter on the diagram. Is this possible in ARIS?




Tags: ARIS 10 ARIS Architect EPC