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I am modeling a process that needs to reflect a change in role for an individual.

In general this is a process where a record moves from a Nonconformance event into a Corrective action process (CAPA).  Our CAPA is supported by well documented processes based on system rights -CAPA originator, CAPA lead, CAPA reviewer, etc)

Basically consider that people with many roles (QM, PM, Engineer, etc) could start the process (EPC) upon receipt of a Nonconformance record, the QM, PM, etc will review the record and determine appropriate corrective action measure.  CAPA is one solution.  IF CAPA is chosen the QM, PM, etc becomes the CAPA originator.

How do I model this change in role?  Ultimately the EPC/FAD models will generate a RACI chart and this transition should be reflected.