I've just sent the following question to support team:

ARIS Express 2.4d, Version: 2.4d -, JRE: 1.8.0_131

I was following a recommendation to try using ARIS Express for process mapping
on one of my projects (ERP system implementation). I installed ARIS Express
on a Windows 10 machine using the installer downloaded from your site
(aris-express-setup.exe, version 2.4d). After solving the issue with
launcher.cfg file (https://www.ariscommunity.com/users/duezenb/2016-10-25-erros-starting-aris-express-launchercfg)
I successfully installed and ran the program.
After using the program I realized that it's functionality is different from
the one shown in the tutorials (https://www.ariscommunity.com/aris-express/tutorials).

In fact part of the functions (SmartDesign forms etc.) seem to be
discontinued. Moreover I haven't found such objects as "Organization unit" in
"Symbols" and "Fragments" panel and top menu (Menu > Insert > Object).
Without this object the organization chart diagram is generally worthless. Is it a deliberate action to
reduce the functionality or there is some way to activate it?

Thank you and kindest regards,
Dmitry Somov