Hi I try to build an Report for ARIS exporting XML I want the content to be sorted by the groupname:


function getSelection() {
    selection = ArisData.getSelectedDatabases();
    if (selection.length > 0) selection = [selection[0].RootGroup()];       // Database selected -> return main group

    if (selection.length == 0)
        selection = ArisData.getSelectedGroups();
    if (selection.length == 0) selection = ArisData.getSelectedModels();
    if (selection.length == 0) selection = ArisData.getSelectedObjDefs();
     selection = ArisData.sort(selection, SORT_GROUPNAME, loc);
    return selection;


When I start the report I get an RefferenceError SORT_GROUPNAME is not defined. Does anybody get the Same problem, the ARIS Help says SORT_GROUPNAME is a "normal" criteria.




Tags: ARIS script ARIS Report Scripting