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Christmas and the new year is approaching quickly. It is time to take a look back and to say "Thank You!". It is time to take a look back...

We started with our ARIS BPM Blog in April 2008 and have since then posted 89 posts. We published also 9 ARIS TV episodes on the ARIS Youtube channel. However, the most important thing is the interaction with you – our dearest readers and our audience.

Thanks for your comments and emails, which really encouraged us to continuously blog about BPM and related topics. We also like to thank the international BPM blogger community, who helped to spread the word about business process management. We are looking forward for an exciting year 2009 with more posts, ARIS TV episodes, and of course many funny BPM wallpapers.

Your IDS Scheer blogger community!

Watch ARIS TV - Episode 10 and see our Christmas Greetings to you

Hint: If you want to watch the video in better quality just go directly to the Youtube Website and click on "watch in high quality" directly under the video player element. And here the link to our YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/aristv