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What is the future of BPM and ARIS? What are the major trends in the BPM market and what are the most influencing technologies?

We are providing you with a new episode of ARIS TV (episode 13) today.

I am very proud to present a special guest to you. I had the chance to interview Professor Scheer regarding his ideas of the future of BPM and the upcoming technologies that will influence the future development of ARIS. He is talking about the upcoming BPM trends and technologies, ARIS Community and also ARIS Express.

Because of the 10 minute restriction of Youtube the interview with Professor Scheer. is splitted into 2 parts I highly recommend that you watch until the end of the second part of the interview because you will see and hear Professor Scheer playing Jazz at the IDS Scheer Jazz Club.

I hope you will enjoy this very inspiring episode.

I would very much like to thank Professor Scheer for his time that day, and for his ideas, his visions, and his passion in bringing the idea of Business Process Management and ARIS to all of us.

Thank you, Professor Scheer!


Watch the first part of the interview:


Watch the second part of the interview: 

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