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I am trying to build an ARIS report that will read and write to Excel files on a shared drive. I've tried mapping these shared drives on the ARIS server. Both the read and write reports will automatically run on a nightly basis, so this is not a report where I can have the user select the Excel file that they are using.

For instance, I mapped one to the Z drive and then tried the following:

var filePath = "Z:\\ExcelImportFile.xlsx";
var file = new java.io.File(filePath);
var fileStream = new java.io.FileInputStream(file);
var bytes = java.lang.reflect.Array.newInstance(java.lang.Byte.TYPE, file.length());
return bytes;

It says that it cannot find the path specified.

I've also tried the actual name of the remote server i.e. "\\\\us-shared-drive\\ExcelImportFile.xlsx"

I have seen quite a few options online for reading a file from a shared drive and including credentials, but they all require Java packages that are not included in the API.

Has anyone done something similar? Is there a way to do this in ARIS that can allow me to pass the credentials needed for the shared drive? What am I missing/