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ARIS 9.7 features enhancements and new functionalities around ARIS Business Process Analysis, ARIS Governance, Risk and Compliance, as well as supporting ARIS tools and specific extension packs.

ARIS Cloud is our new branding for Process Live. ARIS Cloud offers a polished design and portal view as well as improved document management and administration. With two different editions (ARIS Cloud Basic & ARIS Cloud Advanced) you just need to find the right ARIS-as-a-service fit.

BPA for the masses reaches a new level with ARIS Business Process Analysis and its enhancements.

Let the business user profit from:

Enhanced analytics and statistics views
Easier administration and enhanced document management workflows
Extended modeling in ARIS Connect
Collaboration extended to SAP use cases
ARIS Governance, Risk and Compliance Management offers a new interface to APAMA for enhanced event processing and continuous controls monitoring. ARIS Risk and Compliance Manager is now all fresh with the new ARIS 9 style user interface. Enjoy the new home area with all to-dos at one sight and the easy navigation of the redesigned explorer, administration and evaluation areas.

Take a look at the attached document for more details about ARIS 9.7.

The release of ARIS 9.8 is planned for Q1 2015.

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